Looking after your four legged athlete

We all like to keep our dogs in top physical condition. Many of us lead very active lives with our dogs either competing in dog related sports for example Agility, Flyball, Hoopers or Canicross events or regularly heading out for long, and sometimes, strenuous walks. Learning the benefits of, and techniques for giving your dogs both a Pre Event Warm Up and Post Event Cool Down massage can help to improve their performance and wellbeing. Just as with athletes, warming up muscles prior to an activity helps minimise the chances of strains and other injuries. A post event cool down helps reduce stiffness and fatigue.

In this workshop, you will learn about your dog’s anatomy and I will introduce you to massage techniques to keep your dog in peak physical condition and help it perform at its best.

By the end of the workshop you will have learnt how to apply a 10 minute Pre Event Warm Up massage to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury and a 10 minute  Post Event Cool Down massage to help move the metabolic by-products of exercise through the system and reduce stiffness and/or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

I am currently able to offer the Warm up and Cool Down Massage Workshop as an Interactive Online Workshop allowing you to take part in remotely.

The Warm Up and Cool Down Massage Workshop is provided by CANINE Pawsibilites under license from the Canine Massage Therapy Centre Ltd. and is accredited by UK Rural Skills

31st Apr/1st May 2024

Warm Up & Cool Down Massage (Apr)

Keep your dog in top condition by learning the techniques to be able to give a Pre Event Warm Up & Post Event Cool Down massages.