We all know that dogs have a far more acute sense of smell than their owners and that they love sniffing, but did you know that sniffing has been scientifically proven to be both physiologically and behaviourally beneficial for all dogs, no matter their breed or age?

A Dogs perception of the world is different to our own, they use their sense of smell to help visualise and map their surroundings. The proportion of a dogs brain dedicated to processing odours is 40 times larger than our own. It should therefore not be surprising that your dog wants to sniff everything.


Tracking is the activity of following a Human scent along a predefined track over different surfaces and in different environments.

Tracking is mentally stimulating for our dogs but also reduces their heart rate and anxiety related behaviours.  Not only will this new skill help you have fun with you dog, but it will also benefit their physical and mental health. Tracking is a fun and inexpensive activity that is so rewarding for both you and your dog.

  • Tracking is mentally and physically stimulating for your dog and can positively influence upon dog’s emotional states
  • Tracking can be practiced by dogs of all ages and any breed; your dog is never too young or too old to learn how to track!
  • Tracking is a low impact activity so it is ideal for elderly dogs, dogs with orthopedic conditions and dogs with neurological conditions, that cannot participate in more physically demanding activities
  • Tracking and sniffing improves your dog’s ability to work independently and encourages them to make choices on their own.
  • Tracking builds confidence, improves focus and improves stamina
  • Tracking can help to reduce separation anxiety
  • Requires limited, inexpensive equipment and can be practiced anywhere at anytime.

 In this course you will learn the basics of tracking:

  • How to mark out a track for your dog to follow
  • How to introduce and encourage your dog to follow a human scent
  • How to trust and follow your dogs nose along a track
  • To work as a team with your dog to develop your dog’s natural skills of tracking
  • To build your dog’s confidence and stamina
  • To use the environment to your advantage to improve the learning experience for your dog

Enrolling in the Nose Works School provides you with:

  • A structured 8-week online training program with step by step instructions
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise with a variety of breed and expertise levels
  • Complementary written explanations
  • New exercises published weekly
  • Access to a friendly Facebook support group to:
    • Post questions and short videos
    • Receive feedback
    • Share your experiences with other Nose Works students
  • Online access for 6 months from your enrollment

The Nose Works – Tracking

Teach your dog to follow its Nose with this comprehensive 8 week online training programme and Facebook support group.