Leg Weave – Walking Weave

With the Middle and Figure of Eight tricks where you remained pretty much stationary and your dog moved around your legs. With this next trick you are going to teach your dog to weave between your legs as you are walking forwards. This is going to be probably a little bit more challenging for you too!

As with teaching the Figure of Eight in the previous topic you will need to have plenty of treats in both hands.

The key steps for teaching this trick are:

  1. Start with your dog in a heel position on your left side.
  2. Move your right leg forwards and place your right foot on the ground and then hold the position.
  3. Pass your right hand under your right leg and Lure your dog to walk under your right leg
  4. Your dog should walk under your right leg. Use your Yes marker to tell your dog it has done the correct action.
  5. Reward your dog when it is on the outside of your right leg.
  6. As you are giving the reward, move your left leg forwards so that it is now in front of your right leg.
  7. Using your left hand, lure your dog under your left leg. Give your Yes marker.
  8. Reward from your left hand when your dog is on the outside of your left leg
  9. Now you can repeat steps 2-8 again so that you keep walking forwards

The trick is much easier to understand once you see a dog doing it. In the videos below Agnes demonstrates teaching the behaviour to Vera.

A key tip to take away from this video is to not take overly large steps but rather lure your dog to turn tighter. This will ultimately result in a more natural walking style when performing the trick and less of a chance of you falling over.

As and when your dog starts to weave more smoothly between your legs you can start with the following steps to build towards the completed trick

  • Start to stand straighter, this will help with a more natural walking style
  • Start reducing the number of treats you are using and make them harder to get at by holding them further in your hand.
  • Begin to introduce the word that you are going to use for the trick. Use the word each time your dog starts to walk under one of your legs to start building the association of the word to the behaviour. Initially keep on using the Yes marker to reassure your dog.
  • As your dog becomes more confident, continue to reduce the number of treats that are being offered. Begin fading the Yes marker so that you are just using the word you will eventually use as the command.
  • The final step is to start fading the hand movements that you are using as a lure.

In the following video, we see Robyn continuing to work on the Trick with Vera.