Safe emergency recalls with toys

Some puppies and dogs get over excited when you recall them with a tuggy. They lunge at the offered toy, grab it, and consequently end up swinging in the air. This is quite common in high drive dogs such a Border Collies or Malinois.

This is something I do not consider as safe behaviour either for you or for you puppy.

The trick to avoid this swing is to let the toy go as soon as you puppy grabs it. If you have a puppy that is enthusiastic for tugging it probably means that your puppy wants to tug with you anyway so your puppy will turn back to you to play with you. If this is not the case, you might want a longer rope at the end of the tuggy so that when you let the tuggy go you can grab the end of the rope on the floor, preventing your puppy from running away with the toy

About toys

Training and engaging with your puppy is not all about food. Rewards and motivation come in different forms and toys are great, but first you need to learn to choose the right toys to play with your puppy.

Some of the other toys presented in some of the videos come from Tug-E-Nuff

Tug-E-Nuff produces some good quality toys, and if you do decide to order a toy from them the code K9PAWS should qualify you for a discount on all their own branded toys. If you browse through their site, make sure to choose to browse using the brand option. Note that the code should still be valid after the school is finished so keep a note of it for the future!