Practice makes Perfect

I would like to make sure that you are still practicing the behaviours you have learnt since week 1 and that they are getting stronger over time, so here are a few challenges for you. You are welcome to post the videos to show your progress!

Say Hello / Call my Me Once and Grab my Collar

If the “Say Hello” and “Call me Once and Grab my Collar” games are now second nature to your puppy, you can now move to the next stage:

  1. Increase even more the distance between you and your puppy.
  2. Add some new distractions, for example including a third person in the game. This can be someone the puppy knows or someone new to the puppy. This will help you assess how your puppy is reacting to changes.
  3. Try to play the games when your puppy is more aroused and when there are other exciting things going on around you.

Clicker Mania

How many tricks or games are you now able to click for?

Can you start to “capture” a behaviour? Capturing is clicking for a behaviour your puppy does naturally that you would like it to repeat. For example, I love teaching a puppy to bow by capturing. You need to be ready with the clicker and as soon as your puppy bows, you click and reward, then you can add a word such as “bow” whilst clicking. After a short while your puppy will start to associate the word with the behaviour. It is fun!

Take it or Leave it

Can you now stand whilst leaving some food on the floor?

The trick is to put your foot on the food should your puppy decide to go for it and give the “Leave it” command at the same time. As soon as the puppy watches you instead of the food, click and reward.

On your mat

Will you puppy stay on the mat now even if the door is opened and you are moving away?

Remember to reward your puppy on the mat and to build the distance slowly.