On it – Generalising to any target object

Once that your dog is consistently placing its front paws on an object when you use the On It command, it is time to start generalising the behaviour so that your dog understands to put its front paws on a variety of objects on command.

In the next video we introduce several different objects to Manouk including some that are not level or stable. The size of the object(s) can also start to be reduced and ultimately individual small objects used for each front paw.

Towards the end of the previous video, you saw Manouk standing upon some Paw Pods. These were used to encourage Manouk to stand on two small independent objects. There is no need to buy these specialised training aids for this trick, you can simply use some small plastic pots that have been turned upside down (some people have used 2 cans of tuna with some anti slip tape!). If you have a small dog, you will need to find two objects that allow your dog to stand comfortably, keeping its front legs straight under its body.