Joining the Facebook support group

It is now time for you to join the Facebook CANINE Pawsibilities Tricks for Treats School community

Joining the CANINE Pawsibilities Tricks for Treats School Facebook Support Group

  • Follow this link, it will take you to the Facebook support group page:
    Tricks for Treats
  • Send a request to join the group; you will be asked about the email address you have used to register to the class.
  • You will be also asked for the group password when sending the request which is: CPT4TS (please do not send your login password!)
  • Before being able to access the group, you will have to wait until we have accepted your request. This is not an automated process so please be patient as it may take a day or so for us to do this.

Et voila, that was easy! You now have joined our community and I am looking forward to meeting you within the Facebook support group.

Advice for posting videos and asking questions

If you post a video or a question that requests my special attention please add the tag #FEEDBACK so I can easily identify these posts.

Please keep any videos that you post to under 3 minutes in length and add the week you are currently working on in the description.