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Hind Paw Targeting Part 2: Reverse

You are now going to teach you dog to “Reverse” or in other words, to walk backwards away from you.

You can teach “Reverse” using either the Luring or Shaping techniques

High arousal luring can get nice, fast, and effective results. As such, many people often prefer luring to shaping. However, with luring:

  • You need skill and more time to fade the lure
  • You are not teaching your dog to work away from you. Hence it will take longer for your dog to learn to reverse without you moving.

Conclusion: There is no right or wrong answer for which of the two techniques to use. Depending on the games you play with your dog you might want to use one or the other or a mix both. However, it is important to understand how to correctly use the one you have chosen as it will have an impact on how you fade the reward.