Welcome to the BGTCM (Feb)

3 – Additional Information (Feb)

Further your understanding and awareness of how you are benefitting your dog’s health through massage as you progress into your practice sessions at home.

Download the documents associated with this Module.

2B – Interactive Online Session 2 (Feb)

Beginner’s Guide to Canine Massage

Interactive Online Workshop

Date & Time: Wednesday 21st February @ 6.30pm (UK)

Meeting Link: https://teams.live.com/meet/9487500532590

When getting yourself ready for this Second session, please position your video camera to ensure that I can see both you and your dog during the session.  It can be useful to have a practice to set up your video well before the start of the session as you will not have time to do this once the session starts.

Download and print the documents associated with this Module. We will be working through the techniques and topics introduced in these in this second Interactive Online Session