Warm Up & Cool Down Massage (Apr)

Pre-Event Warm Up & Post-Event Cool Down Massage

Interactive Online Workshop

Live Session Part 1 – Tuesday 30th April 2024 @ 18.30
Live Session Part 2 – Wednesday 1st May 2024 @ 18.30

This is an Interactive Online Live Workshop where you will be guided by your instructor. This is perfect for working with dogs or owners that may be uncomfortable in a classroom environment or where travelling to a training venue is not possible

The Pre-Event Warm Up & Post-Event Cool Down Massage Workshop is provided by CANINE Pawsibilites under license from the Canine Massage Therapy Centre Ltd. and is accredited by UK Rural Skills. It is an introductory workshop to canine massage for your own self-interest, with your own dog.  It does not enable you to treat other people’s dogs. It is unethical and potentially dangerous to work with other people’s dogs after a short workshop.

This workshop comprises

  • 2 short home pre and post workshop study modules to help you make the most of the Interactive sessions
  • 2 x 2.5 hour Interactive Online sessions where
    • you will take part with your own dog
    • you will be observed and guided by your tutor
    • your tutor will provide practical demonstrations and discuss underlying theory
  • A maximum of 8 participants

The interactive sessions are usually held in the early evening or at a weekend. You will require a reasonable internet connection and video capability to take part in this course.

Provided by: Agnes Campan, CANINE Pawsibilities
Licensed Workshop Provider with the Canine Massage Therapy Centre Ltd.