1A – Home Study Subjects (Feb)

Before the online sessions, we provide you with some fun, educational activities to complete with your dog, these will help you to prepare for the hands-on sessions.

Part A – Identifying sub-clinical signs of muscular pain in your dog

Let’s get thinking about the subtle ways that dogs can indicate muscular injury and pain. This unit helps to get you thinking about how your dog shows subtle signs of pain that may often be helped with canine massage therapy. It can also help you to consider things in your home that may be causing or contributing to your dog’s muscular pain. The good news is that small environmental changes can often make a big difference to your dog’s mobility and quality of life. We will be having a group discussion based around this module, so please be sure to fill in the activity sheet and bring it with you to the online session.

Part B  – Anatomy Basics Bony Landmarks & Joints

Can you identify some your dog’s main joints and bony landmarks? Have fun working through the activity first on paper and then with your dog!

Part C – Anatomy Basics  Muscles

Can you locate on a diagram some of your dog’s main muscle groups? This one requires a bit of online research but we have no doubt you will find it fascinating to take a stroll underneath your dog’s skin. During massage, you will be working on these muscles so getting to know roughly where they are can help you to provide a safe, thoughtful and compassionate massage for your dog.

Download and print the documents associated with this Module. These include diagrams that you will need to annotate in preparation for the Module 2A – Interactive Online Workshop Session